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PG Aluminium - Terms and conditions


  • Our manufacturing lead time for standard products with single clear glazing is typically a minimum of 10-15 working days from acceptance of this quotation and deposit reflecting in our banking account. Lead times are dependent on workload, product complexity, final size and design readiness and should be confirmed prior to placing order.
  • Non-standard finishes, Special glazing, Double Glazing or hardware requirements will affect the delivery lead times and are not always in the control of PG Aluminium.
  • Double Glazing and Tinted glass will increase standard manufacturing lead times by 7 to 10 working days.
  • Any revisions or changes to the original order could necessitate a review of the quoted lead time.
  • A final delivery and installation date will be confirmed once all products have been manufactured.
  • By signing the quote the client accepts the Colour spec, Sizes, Glass spec, Directions and Orientations as correct. PG aluminium will not accept responsibility for errors when products were manufactured in accordance with the signed quote.
  • Products not collected or delivered after 3 months from date of fabrication will incur a 10% risk and handling charge per month.
  • Products not collected or delivered after 6 months from date of fabrication will be sold and all client rights will be forfeited.
  • Responsibility of all products transfers to the client upon handover (ex-factory or delivered). A competent client representative must be available to accept product handover. Quality and quantity to be checked and signed for on delivery note.
  • Upon ex-factory handover the risk of loading, insurance and transport transfers to the customer.
  • Unless specified PG Aluminium standard protective covering of products will apply. Additional packaging can be arranged but adequate protection of goods in transit is the responsibility of the client (dependent on mode of transport and destination).
  • For Installation orders the following will apply:
  • PG Aluminium assumes a continuous, uninterrupted installation process until completion and handover. Interruptions to installation that takes longer than 2 weeks to conclude, outside the control of PG Aluminium, will result in an interruption fee and a revised lead time on products and installation.
  • Installation workload and team availability could impact installation dates.


  • A 50% deposit is payable and forms part of the acceptance of this quotation.
  • Please use the quote number as your reference when making any payments.
  • Completed products can be inspected at out factory prior to final payment should you wish to do so.
  • The balance is payable in full on completion of the manufacturing process and prior to delivery.
  • In the case where a partial order delivery is requested, payment of the full balance of the products to be delivered is required prior to delivery.
  • Please note no order may be processed and issued into the factory without a signed quote from the client, as well as deposit reflecting in our bank account.
  • In the event of cancellation or amendment of the order by the client, a cancellation fee, based on project progress, shall apply.
  • All warranties are null and void until all invoice/invoices are paid in full.
  • For installation orders the following will apply:
  • The signatory to the quotation agrees that the units/products may be removed from site in the event of payment default even if the installation is completed.
  • A SAGGA Glazing compliance certificate can be issued on request for any contract/items installed by PG Aluminium, BUT will only be issued to the client once full payment of all invoicing is received.

Quality Guaranteed

  • PG Aluminium guarantees all its products for a period of 12 months against latent defect and workmanship.
  • Products are designed to conform to national building standards and AAAMSA standards.
  • Glazing according to SA Glazing standards.
  • Intruderprufe® glazing carries a 30 year warranty.
  • Powder coated and anodised finishes carry a10 year guarantee (refer relevant SABS Code)
  • Hardware warranties differ from brand to brand and are subject to the specific application.

Product Sizes, Aperture Preparation and Installation

  • All items have been quoted for and designed from an outside view perspective.
  • Sizes indicated on the design specification are exact manufacturing sizes. It is recommended that actual sizes are 10 mm smaller than opening sizes.
  • It is recommended that apertures of the building are measured after the building process is completed (including screed level) and before the final designs are handed over to PG Aluminium.
  • Please note that frame sill dimensions are not standard for all products and that certain products require external drainage in the form of weep holes in the outer frame for external applications. Product performance can be hampered if weep holes are covered and or water is not able to flow away (drain) freely.
  • It is the responsibility of the builder to ensure that screed heights and floor finish both internally and externally are considered and are in accordance to product specified. Sill and frame details of all doors and windows can be supplied on request.
  • Standard keyed products have been quoted for, unless otherwise indicated. Keyed alike cylinders or Master Key cylinders, will be quoted separately if not included and clearly stipulated on accepted quote.
  • For installation orders the following will apply:
  • Preparation of apertures is the responsibility of the builder.
  • Waterproofing (damp-proof course, membrane or equivalent) of opening thresholds and sills is the responsibility of the builder.
  • The apertures of the building will be measured before manufacture commences. In the case of replacement, the removal of the existing fenestration will and must be done by the client.
  • It is assumed that products will be installed into raw openings. Pre-plastered installation and silicone sealing will attract an on cost and will be quoted for additionally.
  • Frames will be aligned parallel with the inside wall whether plastered or raw at the time of installation and in the middle of the reveal unless otherwise specified.
  • Repair of tiles and painting is excluded from this quotation.
  • The Client will ensure that PG Aluminium has access to the site between 07h30 and 17h30 Monday to Friday in order to perform the required work.
  • Keys will be handed over and signed for by client or responsible person on site, in the event that keys are lost, client will be quoted for new cylinders and labour for replacement thereof.
  • Waterproofing


  • Any scaffolding access, drainage and lifting is excluded from this quotation.
  • No amendment, alteration or additions to the quotation will be valid unless reduced to writing and signed by both parties.
  • All changes to the signed order, lead times, sizes, design and/or contracted obligations must be in writing/email to the estimator for the order. PG Aluminium will not take any responsibility for any verbal commitments made by any staff member.
  • Cabin hooks, door stops and other accessories not part of our products are excluded from this quotation.
  • The supply of shop drawings is excluded from this quote. If required we will quote for this separately.
  • For Supply Only orders the following will apply:
  • The following is excluded: screws, anchors, installation packers, silicone or any other consumables that could be required in the installation process. These items can be supplied on request and quoted for separately.
  • Due to the different possible applications of a glazed product, a SAGGA glazing compliance certificate can only be issued by the installer of a product and will thus NOT form part of a Supply Only order.
  • For Installation orders the following will apply:
  • Products stored on site is and will remain the responsibility of the client once items have been delivered to site
  • Plastering and silicone sealing of reveals are excluded, removal of protective tape and protective materials and finishing will be the responsibility of the client/builder/contractor and should only be done on completion of plastering and painting.

Acceptance of the Quotation

  • The client confirms that he/she has read all the above conditions and accepts same. This quotation is valid for a period of 30 Days from date of quotation.