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Door Sidelites

Clip 44 door Sidelites are used in combination with Hinged doors, Palace sliding doors and Stacking/folding doors on either or both sides of the doors.

Sidelites are constructed with a 76mm deep frame that can be fixed to the door frames using screw fasteners (not provided). There is an 85mm kick rail at the bottom of the sidelites.

The sidelite frame has either fixed inserts or inserts with two opening sashes. The sashes project outwards and can optionally be fitted with burglar bars. Sash opener handles are directed to face away from doors requiring the sidelite position to be specified relative to the door.

aluminium door sidelites combined
  • Clip 44 Door Sidelites – Fixed

    R1,898.14R4,837.16 Vat Inclusive
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  • Door Sidelites with openers 650x650

    Clip 44 Door Sidelites with openers

    R4,205.69R7,035.53 Vat Inclusive
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